Medical School

Division of Solid Organ Transplant

Department of Surgery

Arthur J. Matas, M.D.

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Academic Title


Clinical Title

Transplant Surgeon


  • Transplants
  • Surgery
  • Kidney Disease


  • Transplant Center
  • Discovery Clinic -- Pediatric Specialty Care


Medical School
University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine, Winnipeg, Canada

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

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Administrative Contact

Hang McLaughlin
Location: 11-200 PWB
Phone: 612-624-1927

Office Address
Transplantation, Surgery
420 Delaware Street SE
Mayo Mail Code 195
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Bio Statement

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Immunosuppressive Drugs
  • Transplant Complications

Leadership Roles
  • Director, Renal Transplant Program
  • Member, American Surgical Association
  • Member, International Society of Transplantation
  • President, American Society of Transplant Surgeons (2006-2007)


  • Best Doctors in America® (2013)
  • Medical Staff Award, Clinical Innovation (2007)
  • U.S. News & World Report 2012 Top Doctor
  • Academic Health Research Award for Excellence in Health Research Award (2011)
  • Francis Moore Excellence in Mentorship in the Field of Transplantation Award (2009)




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  • Matas AJ, Ibrahim H. Chapter 8. Long-term outcomes for the donor. In: Tan HP, Marcos A and Shapiro R (eds) Living Donor Transplantation, Informa Healthcare USA, New York, 2007, pp 87-100.


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