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The Transplant Program at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, is one of the oldest and most successful transplant programs in the world.

For patient resources, clinic and appointment information, go to our UMMC Transplant Page.

Check out our Living Donor Liver Transplant program page for information on how physicians are expanding the potential donor list to serve those who are waiting for a liver transplant.

Check out the 50-year story of transplantation surgery at the University of Minnesota.

Fellowship Program

The purpose of the Division of Organ Transplantation is to provide outstanding care and to continue developing new techniques that improve organ transplantation results and to train students, residents, and fellows in this vital surgical field.

Head to the Transplant Fellowship Program page for information about the program and application process.

Latest News

June 16th:

U of M Doctor Helps to Save Girl's Life through Triple Transplant - KSTP

"Because of an enzyme defect within the liver and the kidneys, they are very prone to liver failure and kidney failure," Dr. Srinath Chinnakotla of the University of Minnesota Medical Center said.

When Lanah's liver started to fail last August, the only option was to fly her from Sioux Falls to the University of Minnesota Medical Center for advanced treatment. The first time Chinnakotla saw her, she was having multi-organ failure and was near death. He proposed a triple transplant: liver, pancreas and kidney, something that's only been done once before.

"At that point, I told the family that maybe there was a 10 percent chance that your child would survive, but it was better than zero percent," he said.

The surgery worked. After 10 months of monitoring, she's doing well.

To show their appreciation, the family gave Chinnakotla a quilt, which is a customary "thank you" for their tribe to do.

"He is our guardian angel," Jones said. "Without him, she wouldn't be here today."

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