David A. Rothenberger Lecture Series

10th Annual Rothenberger Leadership Lecture

Rothenberger Lecture Series 2017: Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings by Caprice Christian Greenberg MD MPHJoin us as Dean Jakub Tolar, MD, introduces Dr. Greenberg who is a highly respected surgical oncologist and health outcomes researcher. Her talk will address gender inequities prevalent across the entire U.S. healthcare workforce and provide a comprehensive case for immediate reform. Already, her presidential address to the Association for Academic Surgery, delivered in February 2017, has stimulated discussions across the U.S. surgical world. Her talk will similarly be a catalyst for us to focus our attention on this timely issue.

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Dr. RothenbergerThis lecture series honors the work of Dr. David A. Rothenberger, a physician leader, surgeon, mentor, and researcher. Dr. Rothenberger is the former Jay Phillips professor and chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota.

He is indebted to his Department of Surgery colleagues who initiated the effort to establish this lectureship; to Kathy and Mike Dougherty; to close friends, family members, and other medical colleagues who have generously supported the lectureship; and to his wife, Kathy, his invaluable advisor and best friend. He also wishes to acknowledge the wise counsel of the lectureship advisory committee comprised of Luella Goldberg, Walter F. Mondale, Thomas Gilliam, and the late Carl N. Platou.

The Rothenberger lecture is integrated with curriculum from the Emerging Physician Leaders Program (EPLP), a three-year course designed to develop a community of physician leaders who are the future of the Medical School. Together, both programs build on the school’s traditions of health care, leadership, and innovation.

Contact for special requests or accommodations:

Emily Kowalczyk, 612-625-2478, kowa0167@umn.edu

Past Speakers:Rothenberger Lecture

2016 - “Leadership in Life-Critical Situations: Lessons from the Space Shuttle”
Pamela Melroy (Colonel, US Air Force, Retired)

Retired astronaut Col. Pamela Melroy will discuss NASA’s approach to developing teams and culture essential for high-reliability organizations to achieve 21st century goals.  Pam is a military test pilot and a former NASA Astronaut. She flew on three space shuttle missions: STS-92, STS-112 and STS-120.

Introduction by Dean Brooks Jackson.

Visit www.AstronautPamMelroy.com to learn more about Astronaut Melroy.

2015 - "Healthcare leadership...advice I learned from a cow."
David D. Murphy
, Interim CEO Fairview Health Services, and President/CEO of Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc.
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2014 - “Have We Done Enough?"
Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former chairman and chief executive officer of Carlson, the global travel and hospitality company
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2013 – “Will Physicians Lead Us Through Health Care Challenges?
Bill George, former chair and chief executive of Medronic, author and professor of management practice at Harvard Business School,
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2012 – “Morality Without Apology: Reclaiming Humphrey’s America”
Diana Chapman Walsh, PhD, president of the Broad institute, former president of Wellesley College,
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2011 – “Academic Health Centers: A Survival Manual”
William R. Brody, MD, PhD, president of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and former president of Johns Hopkins University,
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2010 – “The Patient as Decision Maker: Implications for an Academic Medical Center”
Thomas Goetz, MPH, author and executive editor of Wired magazine,
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2009 – “Health Care Priorities and Current Reform Efforts”
United States Senator Amy Klobuchar
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2008 – “Complexity and Meaning in Politics and Health Care”
United States Vice President Walter F. Mondale

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