Emerging Physician Leaders Program

Cohort 3 of EPLP 3 (FY15-17) is currently in session.  Participants were selected from the nominations submitted through each of the 18 Department Heads and 35 individuals are participating in a 3-year curriculum which runs from October 2014 until June 2017. Our goal is to develop a community of physician leaders within the Medical School/M Health and UMPhysicians capable of leading the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview to national pre-eminence based on our clinical excellence, effective teaching, innovative research and supportive work environment for faculty and staff. - See more on our Learning Objectives page

For information regarding the Emerging Physician Leaders Program, please contact:

Thomas R. Gilliam, RN, MBA
Senior Lecturer
Administrative Director, MHA and Executive Studies Programs
Co-Director, Emerging Physician Leaders Program
School of Public Health
University of Minnesota

Cohort 1


Aviva Abosch, M.D., Ph.D. - Neurosurgery
Robert D. Acton, M.D. - Surgery, Pediatric Surgery
Waddah Al-Refaie, M.D.
John Andrews, M.D. - Pediatrics
Kim Bohjanen, M.D. - Dermatology
Jeff Brace, M.D. - Radiology, Neuroradiology
Jon Braman, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgery
Gary Bryant, M.D. - Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
Lawrence Chinsoo-Cho, M.D., M.S. - Therapeutic Radiology
Erik Cressman, M.D., Ph.D. - Interventional Radiology
Scott C. Crowe, M.D. - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kathryn J. Curdue, M.D. - Psychiatry
Sean Elliott, M.D., M.S. - Urology
Melissa Geller, M.D. - OB/GYN, Gynecologic Oncology
Thomas George, M.D. - Pediatrics/Neonatology
Suzanne Hecht, M.D. - Family Medicine, Sports Medicine
Tina Huang, M.D. - ENT, Neurology
Chandy John, M.D., M.S. - Pediatrics
Rosemary F. Kelly, M.D. - Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Michael Loushin, M.D. - Anesthesiology
Shailey Prasad, M.D., M.P.H. - Family Medicine
Meghan Rothenberger, M.D. - Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Edward Santos, M.D. - Orthopaedic Surgery
David Satin, M.D. - Family Medicine
Brian Sick, M.D. - Internal Medicine
Carrie Terrell, M.D. - OB/GYN, Women's Health
Ezgi Tiryaki, M.D. - Neurology

Cohort 2


James (Kyle) Anderson, M.D. - Urology
Sarah A. Anderson, M.D. - HealthPartners Specialty Center/Orthopaedics
Erick Bothun, M.D. - Ophthalmology
Holly Boyer, M.D. - Otolaryngology
Jeff Chipman, M.D. - Surgery
Kirby Clark, M.D. - Family Medicine
Sarah Cooley, M.D., M.S. - Medicine
Alisa Duran-Nelson, M.D. - Internal Medicine
Mustapha Ezzeddine, M.D. - Neurology
Christopher Fallert, M.D. - Family Medicine
Sameer (Sam) Gupta, M.D. - Pediatric Radiology
Samantha Hoffman, M.D. - OB/GYN
Tara Holm, M.D. - Pediatric Radiology
Matthew Hunt, M.D. - Neurosurgery
Farha Ikramuddin, M.D. - PM&R, Physiatry
Ranjit John, M.D. - Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Transplant Surgery
Amy McNally, M.D. - Gynecologic Oncology
Jessica Kuehn-Hajder, M.D. - Radiology
Michael Lee, M.D. - Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology
Greg Loppnow, M.D. - Emergency Medicine
David McKenna, Jr., M.D. - Lab/Med/Pathology/Clinical Pathology
Genevieve Melton-Meaux, M.D., M.A. - Colon & Rectal Surgery
Katharine (Kaz) Nelson, M.D. - Psychiatry
Timothy Ramer, M.D. - Family Medicine
Tseganesh Selameab, M.D. - Medicine HCMC
Meghan Walsh, M.D. - Medicine HCMC
Xin Wang, M.D. - Therapeutic Radiology
Brenda Weigel, M.D., M.Sc. - Pediatrics, Hematology Oncology

Cohort 3


Veronika Bachanova, MD– Internal Medicine
Kaysie Banton, MD - Surgery
Bryce Binstadt, MD - Pediatrics
Nicole Chaisson, MD – Family Medicine
Lisa Chow, MD – Internal Medicine
Lin Yee Chen, MD – Internal Medicine
Steve Fu, MD – Medicine, VA
Andy Grande, MD - Neurosurgery
Andrew Harrison, MD - Ophthalmology
Alicia Harrison, MD – Orthopedic Surgery
Mark Hill, MD – Surgery, HCMC
Eric Hoggard, MD - Radiology
Kristen Hook, MD - Dermatology
Jake Hutchins, MD - Anesthesiology
Samir Khariwala, MD – Otolaryngology
Imran Khawaja, MD – Sleep Medicine, HCMC
Mary Kwaan, MD - Surgery
Phoebe Leonard, MD – OB-GYN
Katrina Leone, MD – Emergency Medicine
Michele Loor, MD – Surgery
Alex McKinney, MD - Radiology
Shanna Morgan, MD – Lab Medicine/Pathology
Michael Page, MD– Ophthalmology
Michael Pitt, MD - Pediatrics
Christian Ogilvie, MD– Orthopedic Surgery
Michelle Rheault, MD - Pediatrics
Mike Risk, MD – Urology, VA
Will Schmalstieg, MD - Neurology
Andrew Slattengren, MD– Family Medicine
Angela Smithson, MD – Family Medicine
Rabindra Tambyraja, MD – Psychiatry
Deanna Teoh, MD – OB-GYN
Brionn Tonkin, MD – Physical Medicine & Rehab
Chris Weight, MD – Urology
Sophia Yohe, MD – Lab Medicine/Pathology
Jianling Yuan, MD – Therapeutic Radiology - Radiologic Oncology