End of Life Modules

Module 1

End of Life Module 1: Preparation

"Thank you for coming in. I'm here to talk about your mother's care plan."

What you need to do and think about before the conference, and what to say when you walk into the room. Being organized and having a 7-step mental model are key.

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Handout: General Model for End of Life Conversation
Cue Cards: Starting the Conversation

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Module 2

End of Life Module 2: Common Understanding

"What do you understand about your mother's condition?"

How to set the stage and deliver some information so you and the family achieve a common understanding of the seriousness of the patient's condition.

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Cue Cards: What the Family Knows
Cue Cards: Purpose of Meeting ("Warning Shot Across the Bow")


Module 3

End of Life Module 3: Responding to Emotions

"I am so sorry to say this, but your mother is dying."

How to be clear with the family that their loved one is terminal, and then responding to their emotions.

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Cue Cards: Clear Message
Cue Cards: Empathy and Support

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Module 4

End of Life Module 4: Care Goals and Treatment Options

"It is time to consider changing the goals of care."

How to explain "comfort care," code status, and treatment options when the patient is terminal. How to guide and support the family in their decision-making.

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Explaining Comfort Care
Explaining Code Status
Family Decision Making

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Module 5

End of Life Module 5: Care Plans and Closure

"We will do everything we can to make sure he gets the best of care."

How to confirm decisions, detail the care plan, and provide continuity of care. Learn how to walk out of the room.

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Summarizing Family Wishes
Sample Follow-up Steps
Closing the Conversation

Reading Assignments

Dias, A Patient's Perspective, The Oncologist, 2003