Error Disclosure Modules

Module 2

Error Disclosure Module 2: Explaining the Error

“Unfortunately, things did not go as we expected.”

How to sequence two kinds of “bad news:” the poor outcome, and its causes.

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Explaining the Error Introductions

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Module 3

Error Disclosure Module 3: Managing the Relationship

“I am truly sorry. This was my responsibility. On behalf of the whole care team, I apologize.”

How to recognize the signs of a deteriorating conversation; how to rebuild trust.

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Module 4

Error Disclosure Module 4: Error Prevention

“As a health system, we need to learn from this event.”

Take ownership for practice improvement.

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Module 5

Error Disclosure Module 5: Care Plans and Closure

“Let’s review what we decided to do, based on today’s conversation.”

Don’t leave the room before you clarify next steps and avenues for further conversation.

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Summarizing Family Wishes

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Strasberg, Severity Grading System, ANN Surgery, 2009