PGY-1 Orientation

Department orientation begins the week of June 10, 2019. The purpose of our week-long G1 Orientation Program is to:

  • Truly welcome you and provide you with opportunities to know us and your peers.
  • Orient you to the Department’s vision, mission and values, and program.
  • Ensure your success on your first few weeks on the job.

During this week, you will hear from a variety of faculty and residents, experience a “day in the life of an intern,” practice critical response and team communication skills, become familiar with the G1-G2 Core Curriculum, and engage in leadership development discussions. We will also assess your current level of technical skill via a short performance exam in our simulation skills lab. And what would any orientation be without a chance to meet some Chiefs, understand your administrative responsibilities, and master the computer systems.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to having you.

PGY-1 Orientation Schedule