International Medical Mission Trips

Members of our faculty and staff participate in medical missions to developing countries in Central and South America, India, and the Philippines.

These missions provide medical care to children who would otherwise remain untreated. Trips are scheduled an average of 3 times per year. The technical proficiency gained during mission trips, combined with didactic teaching and exposure to the multi-disciplinary cleft lip and palate clinic at the University result in an outstanding grounding in the treatment of congenital anomalies.

Residents are generally invited by faculty to attend these medical mission trips during their final years of training, but there is no guarantee of participation. However, due to of the frequency of trips and the superb experience provided by them, past residents have averaged at least one trip during the course of their training. 

My time in the Philippines was a highlight of my training so far. It was such an amazing experience to put my skills to use in a resource poor environment. The kids that we cared for were so cute, and it was gratifying to see the parent’s eyes light up when they saw their child's cleft repaired.”
Carrie Black, MD

"Mission trips are vital to Plastic Surgery training. They humble us as surgeons and as people and keep us grounded to the reason we became a surgeon – to help people! I am forever grateful to those who donated their time and to those who donated monetary funds that made these trips possible for myself and other trainees." Helen Perkakis, M.D.

"The joy and change that we were able to provide these kind and warm people in Peru was incredible! The appreciation and change that we made in these children’s lives is hard to measure. As a program we were able to make a tremendous difference in lives of these proud people." Vidas Dumasius, M.D.