The Twin Cities

Although separated by the Mississippi River, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are virtually one city. Together they form the core of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the country (and roughly 65th-largest in the world), with more than 3 million residents.

By nearly every measure, the Twin Cities area ranks among the country’s most desirable places to live, offering exceptional cultural, social, and recreational opportunities.

The Twin Cities community has long been noted for its tremendous spirit of civic cooperation. Private corporations and foundations often join with government and community organizations to improve and expand the re-sources available to the community. The substantial private investment that results enriches the whole Twin Cities area and helps maintain it as a dynamic metropolitan center.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area features distinct and dynamic neighborhoods— everything from neighborhoods that enjoy a bustling nightlife to quiet tree-lined communities with kids, dogs, and little corner coffee shops. You can live downtown or in a neighborhood with a lake. There are modern condos and stately houses from the 1900s. Something for everyone!

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