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Diabetes is a complicated, multi-faceted disease. Fortunately, there are many great minds working to cure, treat, prevent and educate this disease that affects so many.

Here are some links to various organizations that focus on the different aspects of diabetes.

University resources

The Schulze Diabetes Institute has a very distinct mission: to find a cure for type 1 diabetes using islet cell transplantation.

Several programs at the University are working just as hard to treat the various aspects of this multi-faceted disease. Collectively, University of Minnesota medical experts are taking a comprehensive approach to reverse the devastating effects of diabetes.

It is said that stem cell research, and regenerative medicine in general, will have as much impact on our lives in the 21st century as did antibiotics in the 20th. This research holds special promise for treating diabetes as the Institute works to develop stem-cell derived islets, including those from a patient’s own cells. Dr. Meri Firpo, director of the stem cell program, is quick to acknowledge the importance of the financial support her program receives from the Schulze Family Foundation, as it enables her team to work on multiple initiatives at the same time in order to move forward quickly. 

Community partners

Finding a cure for a complicated disease like type 1 diabetes is a monumental task that takes a collaborative effort. The Schulze Diabetes Institute is fortunate enough to enjoy strong partnerships with a number of organizations, all working together to make life better for individuals with this disease.

To expedite the widespread availability of islet cells for transplantation, our researchers require a high-quality, reliable source of disease-free pig islet cells. Enter Spring Point Project, a nonprofit organization that raises medical-quality pigs at a secure, sterile facility for the work being done at Schulze Diabetes Institute. 

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

The JDRF is the worldwide leader in funding research to cure type 1 diabetes. It provides funding to the Schulze Diabetes Institute to help advance the development of alternative islet sources and further our joint mission to achieve the best cure possible. 

The mission of the DRWF is to help find a cure for diabetes and, in the meantime, to provide the care needed to combat the debilitating complications of this disease. The organization awards research and education grants, and has supported the work of the Schulze Diabetes Institute. In November, 2010 the DRWF sponsored the Diabetes Transplant Summit, featuring key scientists from the University of Minnesota as keynote speakers.