• Dr. Azakie featured in Repair of Complex Heart Defect

    To fix a complex heart defect, Gracie's parents turn to Masonic Children's cardiothoracic surgeon - MHealth

    Azakie is an expert on these relatively new and highly complex surgeries, having performed over 100 of them so far. He has developed an innovative technique for the Glenn procedure that that allowed him to complete Gracie’s second heart surgery—which took place in December 2016—without a cardiopulmonary bypass. The technique helped Gracie avoid postoperative complications and allowed her to return home with her family just five days after open-heart surgery.

    “Without her team, her doctors and her surgeon, this would not be doable for our family,” Courtney said. “They are literally my backbone. I call them for anything and everything. They are always there. Their mentality is: We’re not just caring for Gracie, we’re caring for the whole family.”

  • Dr. Banton Featured on KARE-11

    Doctors seeing spike in winter injuries - Kare11

    Doctors at the University of Minnesota's new Concussion Clinic have been seeing more and more patients with similar stories in recent weeks. "This is prime season, everybody is slipping and falling and the first thing you're going to hit is your head," said Dr. Kaysie Banton, medical director at the clinic.

    If you experienced prolonged headaches, dizziness or light sensitivity for 3­5 days, Banton says you should seek treatment. "If you don't rehabilitate those symptoms and you don't kind of recover from that, some of those deficits can be life long," she said.

  • U of M Researchers Could Bring Life Saving Tool to First Responders Everywhere - KSTP

    "We like to talk in trauma care about the 'golden hour' so typically if you've survived your injury you have about an hour to get to a hospital," Dr. Beilman said.  It turns out the U's very own mascot helped play a role in this research.

    Yes, the 13-lined ground squirrel, better known around Minnesota as Goldie Gopher.  "The medication is basically two components that go way up in ground squirrels during hibernation," Dr. Beilman said. Dating back to testing these animals as far back as 2005, researchers found after severe blood loss, these squirrels injected with BHB and Melatonin were four times more likely to survive.  "What this potentially will allow us to do is extend that 'golden hour' to an hour and a half to two hours," Dr. Beilman said.

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