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    U of M lung transplant team has record year

    The surgeons and staff of the University of Minnesota Health lung transplant program set a program record in 2014, when they performed a total of 52 lung transplant surgeries.

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    From the lab to the north woods

    Professor Paul Iaizzo makes annual treks to northern Minnesota to visit black bears in their dens to assess their appearances, heart physiology, and take blood samples to understand hibernation and how that could help humans.

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    Check out the newly released Department of Surgery Research Newsletter

    This quarterly publication will highlight several different aspects on how the Department of Surgery research has impacted and improved healthcare.

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March 3rd:

Resident Case Presentations

Presentations by: Brent Bauman, M.D., Sam Miotke, M.D., and Megan Rooney, M.D.

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Latest News for the Department of Surgery

Legacy Magazine, Winter 2015:

From the lab to the north woods

As days shorten and winter sets in, University of Minnesota professor Paul Iaizzo makes his first of two annual treks to northern Minnesota to visit black bears in their dens. In the first trip, Iaizzo and his team assess the bears’ appearances and heart physiology and take blood samples in an attempt to understand not just the mysteries of hibernation, but also how that knowledge could help humans.

Consider the implications: it’s well documented that a sedentary lifestyle in humans can be a contributing factor to blood clots, heart failure, obesity, osteoporosis, and atrophied muscles, but hibernating bears—despite lying virtually motionless for at least five months every winter—don’t appear to suffer from any of those ailments. The bears don’t eat, drink, urinate, or defecate, yet they still emerge from their dens healthy in the spring.

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January 30th:

U of M is Becoming a National Hot-Spot for Lung Transplants - KSTP

"The University of Minnesota is becoming a national hot spot for lung transplants.  Dr. Gabriel Loor is one of the surgeons responsible for the growth in lung transplants. He feels he does his best work in an operating room.  "I love being able to touch a patient’s life with our hands," he said.  Loor's passion for his job has helped the University of Minnesota's Health Lung Transplant Program see a record year."

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