• 2017 Surgery Research Day

    The Research Advisory Council is hosting the 2017 Surgery Research Day from 7-9am on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. This poster session will be held on the PWB 11-157 in place of Grand Rounds, so we hope that will make it very convenient for people to attend.

    We are thrilled with the response to the call for abstracts and over 50 posters will be presented during this session. Judges from around the University will be scoring posters and prizes will be awarded at 8:40am (program attached). The winners will be invited to speak during the Research Presentations after Grand Rounds, as part of DOS Graduation Day on June 13.

    Please direct any questions to Erin Brudvik at 625-9798 or erinb@umn.edu.

  • Turning viruses against cancer

    What do the common cold, sodium, and pigs have in common?

    If research led by Masons-funded faculty member Julia Davydova, M.D., Ph.D., is successful, together the three may be the key to fighting pancreatic cancer.

    Common cold for the common good?

    Davydova is part of a growing cadre of University investigators who are at the forefront of using viruses to stop cancer. Called “oncolytic viruses,” the therapies work by delivering certain genes and proteins deep into the body to stop the spread of cancer.

    Moving toward clinical trials—of pigs and people

    The next big step for Davydova and her team is to prove that their adenovirus therapy is safe and effective in people. But first, they must find a reliable animal model for testing its impact.

    Read the full story here

  • Women in Surgery: Continuing a Legacy of Innovation

    Need a heart, lung, liver, pancreas, kidney or islet cell transplant?  Our M Health women transplant surgeons do it all.

    Drs. Sarah Shumway, Rose Kelly, Ty Dunn, and Varia Kirchner continue the U of M's legacy of innovation.

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